Seth Maranuk Designs
whale birdie
3 x 4.5
This piece may have more work into it than most of the others, but thats the least of its attributes. The concept behind it was to create a pendant in which pieziolectric tourmaline and herkimer diamonds in conjunction would create beacon and caus the pendant to shed light. Physically i have not been able to produce these results, perhaps though its reserved for the rightful owner.
As i was contemplating this great undertaking during a morning walk along the beach on an island in the north pacific i came across a water tumbled piece of circuit board with a natural hole in it, a gift to me from the beach and my sign that I should take on the challenge to make a pendant lit by the fire of the heart. The next day I spent a long ferry ride working on this piece, guided by the wisdom of the dolphins. When it was finally completed, I felt like I had just been out to sea in the storm of the century. nothing spared in the creation of this whle birdie.
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